Angela Hardyk, M.D.
Angela Hardyk, M.D., clerkship site director, OB/GYN


Knowledge Goals

  • Approach to and critical components of OB/GYN history taking
  • Physiologic changes of pregnancy, and its relationships with other medical disorders
  • Principles of antepartum care
  • Principles of intrapartum management
  • Physiologic ovulatory cycle, and how it is evaluated and therapeutically manipulated
  • Common gynecologic disorders
  • Pelvic anatomy as illustrated in the operating room
Technical Goals
  • Perform an OB/GYN history and physical
  • Perform a complete pelvic exam observed by faculty
  • Observe and participate in pelvic surgery
  • Perform phlebotomies, IV insertions, catheter insertions, pelvic exams, wet preps

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