Underserved Medicine and Domestic Health

Franklin Berkey, D.O.
Franklin Berkey, D.O., clerkship site director, Underserved Medicine and Domestic Health


  • Required core rotation
  • 4 weeks in length
  • Core concepts of comprehensive and longitudinal care in rural setting


  • Learn the principles of primary health care by participating in the care of at-risk populations to improve clinical skills and patient care in ambulatory settings, especially limited health care environments.
  • Explore the complexity and diversity of health care needs in these community settings to understand the integration of health and public health issues.
  • Develop an appreciation for the complexity of systems-based care to understand efficient clinic operations.
  • Develop and refine the following clinical skills related to the primary care setting: patient interviewing, physical examinations, patient management, patient education, and health promotion to provide quality health care services.
  • Develop and refine communications skills in challenging patient encounters to improve compliance with clinical interventions and maintain professional integrity in physician-patient relationships.
  • Emphasize the core concept of practice-based learning and improvement through self-directed learning to advance lifelong learning skills.

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