Fatigue and Strategic Napping Options

Non-assigned call rooms are located in the BMR building room 1827 and the 6th floor of the main hospital room H6311.  Please contact GME at x5168 for the access code.

Capital City Cab is also available to transport residents home as needed.  The contact number is (717) 939-6363.


ACGME Common Program Requirements on Fatigue Management

The program must:

  • educate all faculty members and residents to recognize the signs of fatigue and sleep deprivation
  • educate all faculty members and residents in alertness management and fatigue mitigation processes 
  • adopt fatigue mitigation processes to manage the potential negative effects of fatigue on patient care and learning, such as naps or back-up call schedules

Each program must have a process to ensure continuity of patient care in the event that a resident may be unable to perform his/her patient care duties.

The sponsoring institution must provide adequate sleep facilities and/or safe transportation options for residents who may be too fatigued to safely return home.