The following is a partial list of the equipment available in the Center.

Equipment Description Examples (companies are listed alphabetically)

full / partial body manikins

Full body simulators physically represent a patient.  They are frequently used for demonstrating, diagnosing and treating pathophysiologies or traumas, as well as for teamwork training.  They can also be used for anatomical training, such as placing leads for an EKG.

CAE HealthCare:  HPS6, PediaSim

Gaumard:  Hal, Noelle, 5 year old Hal, Baby Hal, Code Blue Adult, Code Blue Child

Laerdal:  SimMan 3G, Resusci-Anne Simulator

virtual reality

Virtual reality simulators represent patient anatomy (normal or pathophysiological) electronically through the use of a computer model.  They are used for procedure training and anatomical learning.  Because of the detailed measurements of the user's actions, real time automated feedback is possible.  This type of equipment lends itself well to independent practice.  It is also used for graded performance as well as professional certification.

CAE Healthcare:  Endoscopy simulator


task trainer


3D Med, Armstrong, Blue Phantom, Cardionics, Health EdCo, Ingmar, Kyoto Kagaku, Laerdal, Limbs N Things, Michigan Instruments, Nasco, Sawbones, Simbionics, Simulab, Simulaids, WorldPoint

flat screen



patient equipment

Real or simulated patient equipment, such as a ventilator or an ultrasound, can be used in conjunction with a manikin or by itself for in-services and treatment interventions.  


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