SURIP 2011

Number of Applicants: ~350

Number of Interns Accepted: 1

Our eleven 2011 interns included 5 women and 6 men, from 10 different institutions, with a mean GPA of 3.9.  The students were matched with mentors representing 6 different departments within the College of Medicine.

Samuel BrayMessiah CollegeMolecular BiologyWalter Koltun, M.D.
Jacob ChobyGrove City CollgeMolecular BiologyThomas Loughran, M.D.
Scott HoffmanDickinson CollegeNeuroscienceR. Alberto Travagli, Ph.D.
Imelda HotBerea CollegeChemistryChristopher Siedlecki, Ph.D.
Lindsey IrvinLebanon Valley CollegeBiochemistry/Molecular BiologyJoyce Tombran-Tink, Ph.D.
Olivia LiedSusquehanna UniversityBiochemistry/HealthGregory Holmes, Ph.D.
Matthew MakowskiAmerican UniversityBiologySusan Hafenstein, Ph.D.
Jacob MoorePenn State UniversityLife SciencesHarold Bell, Ph.D.
Scott SeamanSt. Francis UniversityBiology/Pre-professionalTodd Schell, Ph.D.
Saira TekelenburgDennison UniversityBiologyKirsteen Browning, Ph.D. 
Sara WagnerShippensburg UniversityPsychology/BiologyWillard Freeman, Ph.D.



 Name Undergraduate
 Mentor Project
Samuel BrayMessiah CollegeWalter Koltun, M.D.Genetic association and allele specific expression of the homeobox gene Nkx2-3 in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
Jacob ChobyGrove City CollegeThoms Loughran, M.D.The Efficacy of Bortezomib in T Cell Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia
Sott HoffmanDickinson CollegeR. Alberto Travagli, Ph.D.Organization of vago-vagal circuits controlling pancreatic function
Imelda HotBerea CollegeChristopher Siedlecki, Ph.D.Blood Plasma Coagulation Induced by Poly(ethylene glycol) Materials
Lindsey IrvinLebanon Valley CollegeJoyce Tombran-Tink, Ph.D.High Glucose Reduces Occludin and ZO-1 in RPE-19 Cell
Olivia LiedSusquehanna UniversityGregory Holmes, Ph.D.Sleep Disruption in a Rodent Model of Spinal Cord Injury
Matthew MakowskiAmerican UniversitySusan Hafenstein, Ph.D.Interaction of Neurotropic Enterovirus-71 with Receptor PSGL-1
Jacob MoorePenn State UniversityHarold Bell, Ph.D.Common laboratory anesthetics alter the normal incidence of augmented breath production across different respiratory backgrounds
Scott SeamanSt. Francis UniversityTodd Schell, Ph.D.Engineering Cell Lines to Test how High Peptide:  MHC Stability Effects Immunogenicity OfCD8+T Cells Responding to an Immunorecessive Self Tumor Antigen
Saira TekelenburgDenison UniversityKirsteen Browning, Ph.D. The Effects of a High Fat Diet on Phenotype of Neurons in the Dorsal Motor Nucleus of the Vagus and the Nucleus of the Solitary Test
Sara WagnerShippensburg UniversityWillard Freeman, Ph.D.Diabetes-induced alterations in rat retinal gene expression:  Effect of insulin therapy and identification of commonly dysregulated pathways in a cross-model meta-analysis