SURIP 2008

2008 Interns

Number of Applicants: 315

Number of Interns Accepted: 14

Our fourteen 2008 interns included 6 women and 8 men, from 14 different institutions, with a mean GPA of 3.7.  The students were matched with mentors representing 10 different departments within the College of Medicine.

 Name  Undergraduate
 Major  Mentor
 Nicholas Boaz  Lebanon Valley
 Biochemistry and
 Molecular Biology
 Christopher Siedlecki,
 Matthew Stake  Shippensburg
 University of
 Biology/Biochemistry  John Wills, Ph.D.
 Christina Adams  University of the
 Sciences in
 Pharmacology/Toxicology  Jong Yun, Ph.D.
 Stefany Acosta-Torres  Wellesley College  Neuroscience  Sue Grigson, Ph.D.
 Kermile Alexis  College of Saint
 Biology  Thomas Pritchard,
 Allison Batties  Lycoming College  Biology  Lisa Shantz, Ph.D.
 Osemeke Edobor  Lincoln University  Biology and Chemistry  Rosalyn Irby, Ph.D.
 Bethany Jenkins  Gordon College  Biology
 John Richie, M.D.
 Lionel Fonkoua  St. Thomas University  Biology  Jill Smith, M.D.
 Tushar, Karkhanis  University of Pittsburgh  Bioengineering/Chemistry  Akif Undar, Ph.D.
 Stacey Lehman  Elizabethtown  Biotechnology/Physics  Mark Kester, Ph.D.
 Mark Lohsen  Gettysburg College  Biochemistry and
 Molecular Biology
 Leslie Parent, M.D.
 Phillip Salvatore  Colgate University  Molecular Biology  Ira Ropson, Ph.D.
 Randon Young  Savannah State
 Biology  Rob Bonneau, Ph.D.



 NameUndergraduate Institution
Sadikshya AdhikaryWesleyan CollegeChristopher Siedlecki, Ph.D. Effects of Altered NaCl Concentration and pH on Blood Factor XII Activation
Vivek AnanthanSwarthmore CollegePatricia Sue Grigson, Ph.D. Effects of Retinal Pigmented Epithelial Cell Implantation on Rat Cocaine Self-Administration
Jennifer BakerWashington and Jefferson CollegeSteve Abcouwer, Ph.D.Mouse Microglia Expressing SV40 tsA58 Large T Antigen Exhibits Less Growth and Greater Ramification at a Non-Premissive Temperature
Alyssa CatesUniversity of Northern IowaLisa Shantz, Ph.D.Ornithine Decarboxylase (ODC) Regulation by mTOR:  New Insights from TSC1 Knockout Cells
Patricia CunferLebanon Valley CollegeRosalyn Irby, Ph.D.Osteopontin Alters the Expression of HPSE1 and C10ORF Proteins in HCT116 Colon Cancer Cells
Maria GubbiottiUniversity of ScrantonVincent Chau, Ph.D.Exploring A "Surrogate Reaction" To Monitor the Activity of the E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase gp78
Monica KrieteKenyon CollegeSergei Grigoryev, Ph.D.Influence of LInker Histone High-Affinity Binding Sites on Higher-Order Chromatin Structure
Ariel MoralesSt. Thomas UniversityJianhua Li, Ph.D.Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Pathway Expression within White Skeletal Muscle in Correlation to an Exaggerated Exercise Pressor Reflex in Congestive Heart  Failure
Charlene OfosuCentral Michigan UniversityJohn Richie, Ph.D.DNA Conformational Studies of GAG-Trinucleotide Repeat Polymorphism in the 5'UTR of the GCLC Gene
Jordann SmakGettysburg CollegeIra Ropson, Ph.D.Effects of Sequence Deletions on the Folding of Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protein