Introduction of a Novel Tiered Research Experience Promoting Inclusion and Diversity.  This is a 2-consecutive summer program.  Only current freshmen and sophomore underrepresented students are eligible.

The INTREPID program is a summer bioscience research program funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health.  The program provides each of 8 entering students full support and stipend for 2 successive 10 weeks of laboratory research work on the Hershey campus (year 1) and the University Park campus (year 2) beginning after Memorial Day and extending until the first week of August.  The work culminates with a symposium and poster presentation on the Hershey campus highlighting student accomplishments on the final day of residency during both summer stints.  The idea behind the program is that students will experience the medical school environment in summer 1 at Hershey, and a research-intensive undergraduate campus in summer 2.  The laboratory mentors will be different during each summer session.  During each year, the students of the program will interface with other students from the several existing summer research programs, and will receive professional development and science seminars to augment their laboratory research.  Moreover, students will be able to pursue their personal interests (meeting graduate students, shadowing, experiencing the simulation labs at Hershey, small group sessions, scientific seminars, etc.) at their preferred pace.  The goal of the program is to provide each student with a specialized and tailored program that will stimulate their interest in biomedical science and prepare students to move forward into a health-related career.  It must be emphasized, however, that the bulk of the program will center on the laboratory research experience and the performance of cutting-edge experiments in the mentor's laboratory, thus, students are expected to be geared toward bench-top work and the laboratory environment.  

Dr. Michael Chorney (Professor of Microbiology and Immunology) is the director on the Hershey campus; Dr. Pamela Hankey (Professor of Veterinary Science) is the director on the University Park campus.  Program assessment is provided by Dr. Judith Witmer, Director of the Capital Area Institute for Mathematics and Science at Penn State Harrisburg.

Requirements:  Students are expected to show a strong academic record, although a deep interest in biology and medicine in concert with strong endorsements by faculty are a collectively stronger criterion.  Special attention is given to those students in between their freshmen/sophomore or sophomore/junior years with career interests in health sciences who can contribute to the diversification to America's future professional work force.  Completed folders, only, will be considered and will be reviewed by the three faculty above.   

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