Faculty Development


The structure of the Program has two components:


  1. The Faculty Development Program will be steered by a Faculty Development Committee that will also review individual faculty progress in the context of academic achievement and the Promotion and Tenure process. This Committee will meet on a regular basis to review faculty development and will be chaired by a senior faculty member at the rank of Professor and include senior faculty from the Department.  The committee will present its findings on an annual basis to the Chair and Division Chiefs and all faculty at the Assistant and Associate professor levels will be reviewed on a scheduled basis.
  2. The Program will serve as a resource to the Department Chair and Division Chiefs to ensure that when faculty members are hire career goals are consistent with clinical, research, teaching, and administrative allocations and expectations. Requirements and goals for promotion or promotion and tenure for fixed-term and tenure-track are understood.


The process for the Program is as follows (see Timeline):


  1. When possible, all potential junior faculty in the hiring process will meet with a member of the Faculty Development Committee to discuss individual goals, the Promotion and Tenure process, and tenure vs. fixed-term tracks.
  2. All new junior faculty will meet with the Faculty Development Committee in year one within the first six months of appointment to once again review goals, progress, and plans for academic achievement.
  3. All tenure-track faculty will subsequently meet with the Faculty Development Committee in years 3 and 5 of their appointment. This is intentionally alternating with the 2nd and 4th year reviews by the departmental and institutional P+T committees.
  4. All fixed-term faculty will meet with the Faculty Development Committee in year 3 of their appointment.
  5. Following each meeting of individual faculty with the Faculty Development Committee, a brief summary of progress will be generated and submitted to the individual, Division Chief, and Department Chair. Note that meetings with the Faculty Development Committee, any information exchanged, and reports generated are advisory only and not part of the Promotion and Tenure process.


The general theme of the individual meetings with the Faculty Development Committee will be as listed below. Materials relevant to this meeting such as faculty database or CV should be updated and available to the Faculty Development Committee in preparation. The meetings will be brief and are intended to be supportive and advisory. It is in the individual’s best interest to carefully consider the points of the discussion prior to the meeting.


  1. What are the short and long-term academic goals of the individual?
  2. Who will serve as the mentor for the individual?
  3. What is the basic plan for getting started in areas of interest?
  4. Are there resources available to achieve these goals?
  5. What opportunities exist for professional education, participation in professional societies, funding, etc.?
  6. What are the barriers to success and what are some realistic means of eliminating those barriers?
  7. What is the plan for developing a tangible academic record vis a vis dissemination of scholarly activity via publication or other means?