Manuscript Submission

  • Email Chelsea Stephens or Kimberly Walker for assistance in manuscript submission.
  • In the email, state which journal you are submitting your manuscript to. Include in your email, your manuscript, key words, tables, figures in separate files (not in Microsoft Word) as tif or eps files.
  • We will start your cover letter for you and will send it back to you asking you to write a short paragraph about your manuscript in the body of the letter.
  • We will validate all references using the EndNote program and will remove the code prior to the submission.
  • All figures will be sent to Lisa McCully to be formatted in the journal's style.
  • If you have never logged into the journal before, we will register you and then ask you to forward the email to us so we will have your user ID and password. We keep a spread sheet with all user ID's and passwords for all of the journals that we have dealt with.
  • If there are any required copyright transfer forms or financial disclosure forms, we will download and complete and get all signatures.
  • We will log in and start uploading the documents and answering any required questions in the upload process. After the pdf is built, we will save in your folder and send out to you for the final approval. We will not approve until we have heard back from you.
  • If your manuscript gets rejected and you decide to send it to another journal, we can format it for the next journal as so on.