Adjustable Gastric Banding

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

With the adjustable gastric banding procedure, a soft, flexible band is placed around the upper part of the stomach, creating a small pouch. This pouch can hold only about 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of food. As a result, you eat less, feel full sooner, and feel satisfied longer.

The adjustable gastric band is usually placed laparoscopically and is usually an outpatient procedure.
The band can be adjusted by using a needle to assess a small port which is placed under the skin. Fluid is injected or removed to adjust the tightness of the band. These band adjustments are done in our office.

The key to success with adjustable gastric band is to make regular follow-up appointments for band adjustments and to work closely with our dieticians. Please refer to our helpful guide "How to Make the Most of Your Band Fill Appointment". Weight loss with the band is slower and may be less than with the bypass or sleeve. Although average weight loss varies, some band patients are able to lose up to 40% of their excess body weight over a 5 year period.

The adjustable gastric band is intended for long-term use. However, it can be removed, if necessary.