Success Stories

Amy McKelvey

"The patient is morbidly obese."

"She was depressed and irritable, often becoming very angry. She had difficulty sleeping and was more tearful than usual, less sociable, and was experiencing suicidal thoughts."

"She is in a vicious cycle tailspin whereby the more she eats and the more she weighs the more depressed she is."

Who could they be talking about?

My name is Amy McKelvey. The quotes above are actual statements from my medical records. I underwent gastric bypass surgery on March 23, 2001. I was 28 years old and weighed in at 353 lbs. I had numerous health problems including: Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Urinary Incontinence, Edema, PCOS and Clinical Depression. Routine daily tasks were impossible for me to perform. I could not tie my own shoes, fasten the seatbelt in my car or clean myself after using the toilet. I was taking 43 pills a day and 75 units of insulin.

It has been over two and a half years since my surgery and I'm doing wonderful. I've gone from a size 32W to a 12 and dropped an amazing 170lbs.! My diabetes is gone as are all of my other health problems. I feel as if I have been given a "second chance." Life is great! Thank you everyone at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center for giving me the tool I needed to succeed.

Amy McKelvey