Aquatic Therapy is an evidence based approach to treating many conditions through the medium of water. Our Hydroworx® heated pool is used to facilitate the healing and rehabilitative process.

The pool is completely accessible and boasts a floor that can be brought to deck level to ensure easy access for all patients. Those who have walking challenges or who rely on a wheelchair for mobility may enter the pool from the deck.

The fully adjustable floor also makes it easy to treat children as well as adults. Varying the height of the floor adjusts the depth of the water. The floor can be used as an underwater treadmill. The treadmill moves from speeds from 0 to 8.5 miles per hour.

The jets of the pool can be adjusted to provide a full range of resistance for exercise and/or swimming. The water jets also provide resistance and sensory feedback for balance and strengthening activities.

Parallel bars are also available for those individuals who need extra support for walking activities.

Benefits of aquatic therapy for all individuals include relaxation, increased joint movement, increased strength, enhanced mobility, and increased flexibility.

For those patients with neurologic impairment, the water provides a gravity free exercise environment so movement is more easily achieved. When standing in water, the body only bares approximately 20 percent of its weight, thus the wear and tear on joints is minimized.

Children and adults may benefit from the sensory stimulation of the water as well as the success of being able to move more freely within the warm water environment.

Also noteworthy is our video system. The therapist can monitor patient progress via underwater video cameras. This enables them to coach patients into their best movement patterns.

The potential therapeutic effects of water and water therapy have been researched extensively and have proven to be valuable components in the management of pediatric and adult patients who have neurologic conditions, orthopaedic conditions, fibromyalgia, and patients who have chronic pain. Clinicians use evidence based treatment protocols to ensure that rehab goals are achieved as quickly as possible. Our therapeutic pool is staffed by specially trained physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.

Candidates for aquatic therapy must be referred for physical therapy and receive a land-based evaluation prior to being placed in an aquatic therapy program.

A prescription signed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant is required.