Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation is a term to describe the assessment of an individual’s ability to perform work-related activity. In its strictest sense it is a standardized, comprehensive evaluation to determine an individual’s ability to meet the physical demands of work. The WorkWell™ system functional capacity evaluation consists of twenty-eight tests that reflect work-related activities such as lifting, carrying, bending, etc. The test is given during a two-day period with each session lasting approximately four hours. A physical or occupational therapist that is certified in the WorkWell™ system (formerly known as Iserhagen) performs the test and enters the data into a computerized database. The computer generated report is an objective statement of the client’s efforts, capabilities, and ability to return to work.

Formalized functional capacity evaluations such as this are most often used for case settlement, to determine disability status, or to determine an individual’s ability to meet job demands.

These tests are typically not covered by medical insurance, but are done once authorized by a case manager. An individual may elect to have this test done for a fee.

An alternate method to determine an individual’s ability to return to work may be an evaluation conducted by an occupational or physical therapist, in a simulated work environment. From this evaluation recommendations can be made to modify the patient’s work environment or adapt his duties.

If you are interested in either a standardized test or help in getting your physical abilities to coincide with your work abilities following injury or illness we can assist you.