Speech Therapy

Penn State Health Outpatient Therapy Services provides individualized, innovative, and specialized care to people who require rehabilitation services for functional decline due to injury, disease process, or aging. Our rehabilitation team includes speech-language pathologists who evaluate and treat acute and chronic deficits in the areas of speech and language, cognitive-linguistic, and swallowing skills using the latest advances and methods of practice. Our speech- language pathologists also treat patients with traumatic as well as neurologic injuries and deficits.

Some of our speech-language clinicians specialize in treating adults and children with cochlear implants. We also staff a feeding clinic, one of the few in the nation that cares for children locally, as well as internationally from Greece and Ireland. Members of our award winning staff perform video fluoroscopic swallow studies in order to determine if patients are able to swallow food and liquids safely, then making recommendations for diet modification as necessary.

The latest techniques in manual therapy and neuromuscular electrical stimulation utilizing Experia and VitalStim modalities may be incorporated as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for various deficits. Biofeedback techniques may also be instituted in the plan of care.

We are proud of our treatment approach which includes significant one-on-one treatment with constant interaction between the patient and their family. In addition, we are a student clinical sight for speech/language pathology programs accepting students from all over the United States.