Penn State Hershey Therapy Services staff is dedicated in their role to provide comprehensive care in the management and healing of our critically injured patients due to unsuspecting traumatic events. We are part of a team consisting of specifically trained physicians, with multiple areas of expertise in treating critically ill people, compassionate and specially trained nurses, respiratory therapists and a multitude of other supporting clinical staff.

Physical, occupational, speech and music therapists are often involved in providing the highest quality and leading edge care to outpatients in this hospital setting. Physical therapy intervention may include instruction in specific exercises with emphasis on re-establishing out-of-bed mobility. Occupational therapists may focus on recovering and teaching modified activities of daily living with assistive devices as needed. Speech therapists focus on speech-language recovery, swallowing skills and cognitive assessment and treatment. Patient and family education is emphasized in all plans of care.

In addition, our rehabilitation staff is involved in the treatment and management of patients in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), a state-of-the-art complex providing intensive level of care to a diverse mix of critically ill patients, including those affected by acute physical trauma. Research has shown that early mobilization and stimulation of patients generally leads to better outcomes and we strive to provide this important service as appropriately and diligently as possible.

As a level 1 adult and pediatric trauma center with a level III-C neonatal intensive care unit (the highest levels), our therapy staff is present seven days per week and 365 days per year in the hospital. We complete yearly competencies in the treatment and management of many different areas of patient care and attend continuing education courses to remain current with research and provide modern, multidisciplinary approach to care. Our goal is to meet and exceed your inpatient rehab needs providing the best acute and critical care in the region.