Since 1982, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center has been a leader in abdominal organ transplants.  The first kidney transplant was a living related donation from father to daughter.  The Medical Center expanded transplant services to include adult and pediatric kidney/pancreas, liver transplantation, and living donor transplantation.

At Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, you will find the largest, most experienced transplant team and support staff in central Pennsylvania.  In addition, the transplant team has access to a wide variety of medical and surgical services to support any special care needs that may arise following transplantation.

Zakiyah Kadry, M.D. Surgical Director, Liver Transplant Program
R. Ali Shah, M.D.  Director of Kidney Transplant Surgery  
John C. Lohlun, M.D.  Director of Pancreas Transplant Surgery  
Brooke Olenowski, PA-C Physician Assistant
Kim Rallis, B.S., M.H.A. Organ Transplant Program Manager
Randy Haluck, M.D. Surgeon for Laparoscopic Transplant Donors
Piotr K. Janicki, M.D., Ph.D. Director, Solid Organ Transplantation Anesthesia
Nasrollah Ghahramani, M.D. Transplant Nephrologist
Umar Farooq, M.D. Nephrologist
W. Brian Reeves, M.D. Transplant Nephrologist
Thomas R. Riley III, M.D. Transplant Nephrologist 
Ian Schreibman, M.D. Gastroenterologist 
Karen L. Krok, M.D. Transplant Nephrologist
Steven Wassner, M.D. Pediatrics Nephrologist 
Deborah Kees-Folts, M.D. Pediatric Nephrologist