Crystal Screening and Data Collection

Data Collection

  • Users must wear the personal dosimeter provided by the Health Physics Department.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the X-ray enclosure, unless prior written authorization has been obtained from the Facility Manager.
  • Users are not approved to alter the temperature of the cryostream, override the interlock system, align the mirrors or interfere with the set up of the x-ray generator in ANY way. Breaking of these rules can lead to permanent removal access to this facility.
  • If the X-ray equipment is not functioning as expected, or if any aspect of it appears unusual, the user should immediately notify the Facility Manager.
  • Any incidents which are suspected to have exposed anyone to x-rays must be reported to the Facility Manager.
  • All data collected must be reported by the user in the Data Collection Log Book, even if you are simply screening crystal.
  • Prior to use, please sign up for time. Please indicate any special requirements such as room or cryogenic temperatures, any special dates you need it. If you want to screen crystals, you also need to schedule time.
  • Even if no one is using the detector, please sign up anyway, as we will plan routine maintenance during these "free" slots.
  • To remove yourself from the queue or if you wish to switch places with someone else, send e-mail to: Please also send e-mail to the next two people in the queue in order that they have adequate time of a possible change of schedule.

Finishing Up

  • When you have finished, please notify the next person on the queue and the facility manager by e-mail.
  • After use, the crystal is to be removed from the goniostat.
  • After use, all data is to be backed up by the user in a format of their choice. We cannot guarantee that data will remain an disk beyond 2 weeks after data collection.
  • Any chemicals brought into the x-ray lab by the user are to be removed after use, unless the Facility Manager agrees otherwise.
  • Please clean up the work area on the surface of the generator and also around the computer area.